About the working level of electric hoist

The general work level is M4 and M5 is the working level of the electric hoist. Main characteristics of electric hoist running load and frequency of use. If the full load, frequent use, the required level of electric hoist work is higher.

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Three parts structure of electric hoist

operating mechanism
The electric car, the running motor, the running reducer and the driven car together form a running mechanism. Suspension of the host for reciprocating movement. Its running speed is usually 20m/min, or 30m/min can be used. Lift more

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How to maintain and repair electric hoist better

The hook device, which is flexible or not, and the pulley has no stumble and friction; the limit action and grip block are loose or not, and the limit switch is sensitive and reliable or not; the wire rope has some phenomenon of loose rope

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The introduction about the start and principle of electric hoist

With the widely use of electric hoist, and the continuous improvement and development of modern mechanical design. Innovation is the source of the development of science and technology

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Method for selecting speed regulation of electric hoist

About the electric hoist speed adjustment, a lot of people think the use of inverter is the best method, but you may not know that some electric hoist is the use of inverter, following Shan Yan introduced different methods according to different speed ele

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Analysis of electric hoist in what circumstances can run

Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment, this kind of equipment is very cumbersome to use, the need for professional use of technology and have some expertise to use, there are many matters to be noted. Here, let us know about the use of electric ho

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Electric hoist operator should comply with the guidelines

Chain electric hoist for you: electric hoist operator should comply with the guidelines
First of all, the whole check cleared and electric hoist is correct, th

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Some safety considerations for using chain hoist

No matter what kind of lifting equipment, have a certain weight, if there is any accident, is a threat to personal safety, while the electric chain hoist is a r

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About electric hoist working level

The general level of work is M4, M5 is the working level of electric hoist. The main characteristics of the operation load and frequent use of electric hoist. If often full load, frequent use, the higher the level of work required electric hoist. The high

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