Micro electric hoist single hook and introduction

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Since it is close to people's lives, the eagle today on a comprehensive description of the mini electric hoist, in fact, the mini electric hoist is not only a model, but there are three, these three are H-A, H-K, H-G. It can be said that the speed, height, motor power and lift weight of each model are different. The main specifications of H-A are H-A101, H-A102, H-A103, H-A104 and so on, because of the use of a single hook hook, so the lifting weight is different; the main specifications H-K are H-K201, H-K202, H-K203 three, the rated lifting weight is 200KG, 250KG, 300KG; the main specifications of H-G are H-K201, H-K202, H-K203 three a series of the same rated lifting weight and HK.
Generally speaking, the design of the mini calabash is ingenious and easy to use. The design of the hook of the hoist is divided into two states: dynamic loading and static loading. When the limit baffle touches the limiter, the hoist will stop the operation automatically. When the wire rope is raised in reverse direction, the hoist motor will stop working automatically.
In the process of using a micro electric hoist, we also need to pay attention to some aspects, such as the best read instructions before use, another overload is not good, easy to cause the accident, lifting at the same time, don't let the people underneath lifting objects, don't do for manned elevator. Operators should also be careful not to drink in the case of micro electric hoist, do not arbitrarily disassemble its parts.

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