About micro electric hoist, you don't know the common sense

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1 、 miniature electric hoist heating in use
In use, the motor heating is a normal phenomenon, not quality problems, so the mini electric hoist products as long as the use of motor will run, resulting in heat. And our mini electric hoist, each motor before the factory has undergone rigorous tensile testing, to ensure that the quality of the motor. However, the mini electric hoist can not be used continuously. It is recommended to use it for a while and stay for a while before continuing to use it.
2. The micro electric hoist is found in the process of using one side of the wire rope winding.
In this case, you can fine tune the parallelism of the machine. That is, if the machine is fixed when there is a slope, or fixed when there is a slope, but when hanging things, the gourd will let the goods drop unloading. In this case, the wire rope will be twisted or twisted on the side of the reel when it is rolled. Otherwise, as long as the board is installed, add a board so that the hoist will be more stable.
3, decoration or hanging food at home can be used?
Of course, micro electric hoist convenience, but also uses the 220V civil voltage, prices are also affordable, various aspects are very applicable in family and small supermarkets such as 100-200kg or 200-400kg, the most general household use, there are more rules, we can choose according to daily weight lifting to.
In recent years, the level of daily life to improve, gradually opened the micro electric hoist in the daily market, but also solve a lot of friends in daily handling lifting some difficulties, you also hope that in the use of the problems encountered in a timely manner to contact us, we will be the product improvement and innovation better.

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