The development way of hoist wire rope electric hoist

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With the country's investment in infrastructure and the support of policies and funds, the fluctuation of the crane industry in our country has greatly stimulated the development of smes. But the statistical data from the second half of 2015, the first half of the scale of growth belongs to the explosive expansion of the market, most of the small and medium enterprises benefit from the increase in the total of 2015 decreased greatly, the unreasonable structure of growth. With the gradual decline in the market, the market is really weak state reflected. So we see that in addition to high-end crane large-scale and specialized manufacturing enterprises, the current situation of the development of electric hoist industry is not ideal, the market competition and low profit bloated phenomenon still exists, therefore, the whole industry is facing the situation is still uncertain.
Therefore, we encourage the lifting of the industry should pay more attention to rational growth, in the case of market segmentation, out of a road of independent innovation. First of all, enterprises should accelerate scientific and technological achievements output efficiency, stable operation, based on mature technology, configuration standardization, increase research and development and application of core areas and technology, optimize the product structure, the independent brand cultivation value; secondly, the industry should strengthen cooperation and exchanges, the establishment of industry sharing platform in the field of technology, security technology, environmental technology, energy-saving technology, the high-end products in the market as our subject; thirdly, enterprise competition in the market continue to explore the development mechanism, constantly adjust itself and can not meet the development requirements of local, the ability of market service enhancement. Finally, enterprises should strengthen their ability to cope with the market, optimize the allocation of market resources, and avoid the vicious circle of price compet

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