Analysis of electric hoist in what circumstances can run?

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Electric hoist is a kind of hoisting machinery equipment, this kind of equipment use more complicated, need to have professional use of technology and have some professional knowledge to use, there are many matters needing attention. Next, let us know what conditions should be used before the use of electric hoist, and under what circumstances can you run?:
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +40
Working system: intermediate JC25%
Major: JC40%
When the lifting capacity of the intermediate working system electric hoist is reduced by 30%, that is the electric hoist with heavy working system JC40%.
Heavy duty system JC40% electric hoist is used in the relatively heavy workload, often at the rated value or higher safety requirements.
Electric hoist structure reducer: adopt three stage fixed axis helical gear rotation mechanism, gear and gear shaft is processed by heat treatment alloy steel, box body, box cover made of high quality cast iron, assembly tight, sealed well. The reducer is made of a component, so it is convenient to load and unload.
Control box: a device that can cut off the main circuit in an emergency and protect the fire arrestor with up and down travel. Ensure the safe operation of electric hoist. The electric appliance component has long service life and reliable use.
Steel wire rope: adopt GB1102-74 (6*37+1) X type hoisting steel wire rope, ensure the durability.
Cone motor: hoist motor adopts larger starting moment, conical rotor brake asynchronous motor without additional brake. The motor load duration is 25%, the motor adopts B class or F class insulation, and the motor protection grade is IP44/IP54.
Button switch: operation handy, a string manipulation and wireless remote control in two ways.
The above is the use of electric gourd to have some of the premise, with these conditions to run. Mastered the above content, after the operation of electric hoist will be more convenient.

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